In Germany there are a hundreds of institutions that allow the opportunity for advanced degrees and other types of professional and vocational certification. There are state run universities and colleges, private universities and colleges and cooperative universities as well as other schools offering a full range of course studies through full time and part time participation. And, as in most of the rest of the world, it is possible to pursue degrees through online courses.


  • Multi-cultural society.
  • Free from racial discrimination
  • English is commonly understood as well
  • Religious freedom
  • Friendly People


With a population of 80.2 million according to the 2011 census, rising to 81.5 million as of 30 June 2015 and to at least 81.9 million as of 31 December 2015 Germany is the most populous country in the European Union, the second most populous country in Europe after Russia, and ranks as the 16th most populous country in the world.


Most of Germany has a temperate seasonal climate dominated by humid westerly winds. The country is situated in between the oceanic Western European and the continental Eastern European climate. The climate is moderated by the North Atlantic Drift, the northern extension of the Gulf Stream.


  • Sixteen federal states
  • Berlin is one of the most urbanized and popular cities in the world
  • Sophisticated cities such as Berlin, Munich, Leipzig, Hamburg, Stuttgart, etc


  • Germany is the seventh most visited country in the world, with a total of 407.26 million overnights during 2012
  • In 2012, over 30.4 million international tourists arrived in Germany, bringing over US$38 billion in international tourism receipts to the country.
  • Home to the Great Berlin Wall


Football is the most popular sport in Germany. Other popular spectator sports include winter sports, boxing, basketball, handball, volleyball, ice hockey, tennis, horse riding and golf. Germany is one of the leading motor sports countries in the world. Constructors like BMW and Mercedes are prominent manufacturers in motor sport.

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